MME Mona

“My education along with my experience in life allowed me to give to the society without return”

Born in 1950, Ms Chache is a former student of the Lycée Français of Bâb el Louk and the Faculty of Law at Cairo University.

My professional experience includes:

1969-1976: Administrative position in several multinational companies. I have assimilated the foundations of the “system” of the company.

1976-1982: I worked at the Lycée Français of Kuwait. Teaching, leadership, relationship with teachers and parents. Along with Library management.

1982-1996: Volunteer experience for the restructuring of the kindergarten and primary school of the Sacred Heart Ghamra where my daughter is educated.

Ms Mona, in parallel with her investment in the day-to-day business, strictly governs Le Palmier’s administrative and financial affairs.

MME Aicha:

When Ms. Hanaa and Ms. Mona informed me about their desire to open a kindergarten, I accepted with great enthusiasm. This project required a long-term preparation from my side.
I was taken with an insatiable desire to study and assimilate the learning of the kindergarten.

Self-educated Algerian origin, passionate of pedagogy and French, Mrs Djenane lays the foundations of the educational system at Le Palmier.

Her professional career is diverse with experiences and training.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Ms. Aicha had administrative responsibilities at the Ministry of National Education in Algeria and then at the Embassy of Cote d’Ivoire in Cairo.

In 1991, is when her teaching began. First she taught French at the El-Similon school and then gave private french classes for several years.

In 1998, she was an educational director and trainer of maternal teachers. She taught herself until 2007 at Le Palmier.


1996 the Rise and development of Le Palmier

Based on a solid and advanced experience in schools, The owners have built Le Palmier in a well structured educational program and developed the procedures to ensure the rise of a unique educational entity. Le Palmier management had the privilege of a professional team on board to ensure its success such as, Georges Amin, Mrs. Renée Blandin, Honorary Adviser of the Assembly of the french board, Mr. Gilles Thuaudet, French cultural attaché at the time, Mrs. Baborier expert in kindergarten and Mrs. Martine Naftat of the French Cultural Center.

The team has followed a new pedagogical method called “the linguistic bath”. This method relies on the learning of the French language without the intervention of the mother language, with an aim to allow children to become bilingual at a very early age allowing them to open up to different languages, cultures and become open to know and learn more.

As a part of Le Palmier’s educational system, Teachers tend to focus on using colors, painting, graphics, cutting and various scripting tools and materials that enable children to comprehend and use the language on a different level, while enhancing their arts and crafts skills, social abilities and develop core values such as logic, sharing, self confidence and many more..

The establishment of this program, which is applied to date, makes it easier for kindergarten children to assimilate and succeed in speaking French fluently allowing them to excel and stand out from others.

The Palm Tree has been inspired by Mrs. Hanaa and Mrs. Mona for the name of their kindergarten. And this palm tree is still on the spot!

In 1998 the inauguration of Le Palmier, was surrounded by friends and collaborators of the Sacred Heart and the French Cultural Center.