Educational System

Passez par Le Palmier. Vous irez loin!!!

Since its founding in 1998, Le Palmier has planned a great deal of professionalism and has contributed to the education of children in all fields of knowledge by integrating the great traditions of teaching: language, math, arts and many more.

The programs are designed to meet the interests of the child. They promote children education and emphasize on intellectual, emotional and social fulfillment. The child learns autonomy and discipline and remove and forces a personality that will later enable him to be an active and responsible citizen.

Through the supervision of competent teachers Le Palmier develops and reinforces the sense of responsibility, encourages the knowledge of human values, stimulates curiosity in order to promote the spirit of discovery and the pleasure of learning.

Activities are diverse: dance, sport, excursion, party inorder to enable joyful learning to the young generation.