Trips & Activities

Trips are conducted every month and are organized in a pedagogical objective.

We aim to allow our children discover the world around them and acquire new skills and develop new understandings of their surroundings. A selection of trips are carefully chosen to give children a variety of activities and learnings.

Seasonal Parties

Le Palmier celebrates all seasonal celebrations with our children and ensure that they become aware of seasonal celebrations which includes halloween, Eid, Christmas and Moled el Naby.

End of school party

The end of year party is intended to be our celebration to all the skills and learnings acquired by our children throughout the whole year. This party is part of our educational program since it is the end result of all the work that was conducted during the school year.

This party is organized by our educational advisor and teacher, where they work together to showcase the developed skills and learnings of our children and present it in a theme related to their learnings, showing parents how our little ones started to discover the world around them. In this party our young ones are able to speak french fluently showing their development of the language and mastering it on stage.

Summer Club

During the months of July and August a summer club is organized for children from the age of 2 to 7 years.
Always with a pedagogical objective, an entertaining program is prepared by the teachers, guided by the pedagogical adviser, allowing children to enjoy their time while learning.