About us

Who We Are

Le Palmier was established by a team who has passion for the french language. They had a strong vision to preserve the french language and a mission to teach the french language to the upcoming generations. The founders were able to fulfill their long-held ambition and were able to establish Le Palmier in 1998.

Le Palmier ensures it delvers the best french education by following the standards of the French Ministry of National Education, in addition to meeting the educational requirments, Le Palmier gained the support of the Cultural Service of the Embassy of France in Egypt. Not only that but Le Palmier also strived to offer arabic education to ensure that its students are well based.

In 2011, Le Palmier opened its door « Le Pamier Bebe » for children from 3 months to 2 years. Offering a compromise between daycare and early childhood learning.

Our Mission

Le Palmier aims to facilitate the child’s experience by offering a balance between education and maintaining a moral balance between mental and physical activities.

It is of great importance at all levels of development that our children starting 2 years develop the feeling of « lifelong love of learning »

The initiative of the baby Palmier, was a result of our awarness of the importance of the socialization and learning community in the life of the begining years of the child. We start with infants from a very early stage and work with them to develop their senses and become aware of their surroundings.

Our Staff

are responsible for personnel management, direct communication with parents, and the operation of the organizations structure, logistics and hygiene.

Our team is fully attentive to our children and their surrounding, Our team ensures that they are safe and well taken care of.

The Educational Team:
1. Teacher and Assistant:
It is essential that all our teachers and assistants have a high command of french language in addition to a Prior experience in the field of early childhood learning.

They are chosen to be highly active, friendly, patient and have a joyful spirit.

Both teacher and assistant have total responsibility of their class at all times, and are requested to ensure that Hygiene and Discipline meet the nurseries standards. All activities conducted in and outside the class are under nurseries safety regulations to ensure that our kids are always in a safe enjoyable enviroment.

2. Nannies:
Their role is defined in the daily care of the children. The criteria of selecting the nurseries nannies is based on cleanliness, personal hygiene and discipline. Their behavior is exemplary in every respect.

New Cairo

Sheikh Zayed

The Educational Consultants:
Are responsible for compiling the educational program and requested to train teachers and monitor their performance simultaneously.

They play a crucial role in following up how the educational program is delivered and monitor the performance of the children to ensure that the teacher is successfully enhancing the children skills based on the educational program provided. An overall inspection and child assessment is conducted throughout the year to ensure the latter.